Just Who Is This "Gordon" I Keep Hearing About...?


Name: Henderson Gordon Jr.

Place of birth: Cincinnati Ohio

Children: 4 kids (Brandon 19, Nikia 9, Tyler 6, Tavion 5)

Years training: Since Jr. High, but seriously since 1998

Present occupation(s): Personal Trainer

Academic background: 11 years USMC (LOL)

I have always admired the physiques of bodybuilders. After getting out of the Marines, serving 11 years, and needing something to quench my thirst for competition I felt like this is something that I would be good at.

My Mom and Dad have been my biggest influence in life. Always teaching me right from wrong and still loving me even if I make the wrong choice. They are my biggest fans!

My kids are my life and I try to give them all the values my parents instilled in me. 

I feel that nutrition is 90% of making your body look the way that you want it to look on that certain day. I follow a sound nutrition plan eating 6-7 meals a day consisting of lean proteins, complex / simple carbohydrates. In the off season I eat about the same I just allow myself to have a few more cheat meals. I teach my clients to follow similar nutrition principles without the regid dieting required to prepare for a contest.

The training is what I find to be easy it helps me relieve stress and feel a lot better. Earning my IFBB pro card was a long hard battle. Before I won my class in 2006 at the NPC Nationals, placed 2nd in three out of 5 trips there.

Now that I have achieved my goal to win the Nationals and become an IFBB Pro I would like to compete in the 202 class and win a pro show. Qualifying for the 202 Olympia would be a dream come true!

I have a lot of work in front of me to achieve this goal. Winning the lightweight class means I have a lot of muscle to put on to compete at the next level. My experience in realizing my dreams allows me to coach you towards achieving your fitness goals...

I know what it takes.... I know YOU have what it takes to realize your dreams also!

Today is the day you take the first step towards your dream.  Call me NOW! 

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